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CAD Drawings

Preview and download 3D and 2D CAD files in a variety of industry formats including Revit, stp, dwg, jpeg, pdf, etc.

Download all available Powers CAD drawings in one file by clicking links below or, download specific drawings by clicking a series name from the list below.

Note: Bundled files require .zip software to open.

Below is a list of all products with available CAD Drawings. Please click the series name for a list of all available drawings.

Series Description 3D CAD
105 / 115 SeriesTempTAP™ Lead Free* Thermostatic Faucets
205 / 215 SeriesTempTAP™ Lead Free* Gooseneck Thermostatic Faucets
450-900HydroPanel II Shower System with Biltmore 900 Pressure Balancing Valve
450-e700HydroPanel II Shower System with HydroGuard T/P Series e700 Combination Valve
ES150/ETV SeriesHydroGuard® XP Series Emergency Tempering Valves with Internal Cold Water Bypass
Lead Free* Digital IntelliStation SeriesDigital Water Mixing and Recirculation for Commercial and Institutional Facilities
LFe480 / LFG480 SeriesHydroGuard Lead Free* Series LFe480 and LFG480 Under-the-Counter Combination Tempering Valves for Low Flow Control
LFLM490/LFLM490-10 SeriesHydroGuard Lead Free* Series LFLM490 Thermostatic Tempering Valves for Hot Water Heater Installations
LFLM495 SeriesHydroGuard Lead Free* Series LFLM495 Thermostatic Tempering Valves for Individual and Multiple Lavatory Installations
LFMM430HydroGuard XP Lead Free* Series LFMM430 Master Tempering Valves
LFMM430 Series HiLoHydroGuard XP LFMM430 2 Valve HiLo
LFSH1430HydroGuard XP Lead Free* Series LFSH1430 Hi/Lo Master Tempering Valves
LFSH1430 Series HiLoHydroGuard XP LFSH1430 2 Valve HiLo & DV
LFSH1434 Series Quad Valve HydroGuard XP LFSH1434 Quad Valve
LFSH1434 Series Six Valve HydroGuard XP LFSH1434 Six Valve
LFSH1434 Series Triple Valve HydroGuard XP LFSH1434 Triple Valve

Disclaimer: Powers product dimensions in U.S. customary units and metric are approximate and are provided for reference only. For precise measurements, please contact Powers Technical Service. Powers reserves the right to change or modify product design, construction, specifications, or materials without prior notice and without incurring any obligation to make such changes and modifications on Powers products previously or subsequently sold.

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