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447 Infrared

HydroGuard ESP Infrared Sensor Shower for Single and Multiple Shower Applications

447 Piezo

HydroGuard ESP Pushbutton Sensor Shower for Single Shower Applications

450 Infrared

ESP HydroPanel II Infrared Sensor System

450 Piezo

ESP HydroPanel II Sensor System for Single and Multiple Shower System Applications


HydroPanel II Shower System with Biltmore 900 Pressure Balancing Valve


HydroPanel II Shower System with HydroGuard T/P Series e700 Combination Valve

720 Series

VisuGuard T/P Combination Tempering Valve with LCD Temperature Display. ASSE 1016-2005, Type T/P listed.

900 Series

Biltmore Series Pressure Balancing Mixing Valves

e420 Series

HydroGuard Series e420 Combination T/P Tempering Valves

e427/e428 Series

HydroGuard Series e420 Thermostatic Mixing Valves

LFe480 / LFG480 Series

HydroGuard Lead Free* Series LFe480 and LFG480 Under-the-Counter Combination Tempering Valves for Low Flow Control
Lead Free* models available.

e700 Series

HydroGuard Series e700 Combination T/P Tempering Valves

*The wetted surface of this product contacted by consumable water contains less than 0.25% of lead by weight.